California Delta Chambers and Visitors Bureau welcomes Lucille’s

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The California Delta Chambers & Visitors Bureau is an organization of chambers of commerce, visitors bureaus, businesses and boosters in the vast Sacramento San Joaquin Delta. The area, also called the “California Delta”, strives to enhance the enjoyment for visitors to this unique 1,000-mile waterway, while striving to protect and preserve the area’s fragile beauty.

The Delta is a fresh-water system primarily comprised of fertile agricultural islands that sit below sea level, but are protected by a stout system of levees. It is fed by five major rivers, including the Sacramento River and the San Joaquin River. There is a remoteness to the lightly populated inner Delta. The lifestyle here is decidedly laid back, a sort of Huck Finn kind of existence. Boating, fishing, and camping are a way of life.

The California Delta Chambers & Visitors Bureau proudly welcomes Lucille’s to their family. As a locally owned business, Lucille’s embraces the California lifestyle and promotes relaxation and enjoyment of life. Although a west coast based business, Lucille’s plans to expand as far as she can go and hopefully with the support of the California Delta Chambers & Visitors Bureau, this will become a reality. Thank you to the Chambers and Lucille’s is proud to be a part of this organization!

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