Have_You_Met_Lucille_2Thinking About Offering Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix to Your Customers?

Lucille’s mixes were created to give professional bartenders a simple, delicious way to make great Bloody Marys.  Rounds of rigorous taste testings have led to a winning dry mix with spices from around the world. Your customers can rely on one great cocktail after another. Here are five great reasons for restaurants and bars to use Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix:

  1.  A Great Bloody Mary Every Time
    Your customers love consistency. Their favorite dish? They have their exact specs. Their Bloody Mary? They want the same great taste each and every time. With Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix, you get the same great pour, cocktail after cocktail.
  2. Labor Efficient
    Give your bartenders the quick and easy mix they can rely on. When they’re opening up the bar, they’re busy. Slicing fruit and stuffing cheese into olives may take up their time, but making a Bloody Mary mix won’t. Lucille’s is simple to make when they’re getting ready for a big night.
  3. Cost Effective
    When added to tomato juice, one tub is going to give you about 60 quarts. That’s a lot of satisfied customers. You get to cut costs and save money while still hooking up your guests with great-tasting Bloodies.
  4. Reduce Waste
    Bars are notorious for impacting bottom lines. Broken bottles, spills and waste equals profits going down the drain. But with Lucille’s mix, you can mix as little or as much as you need. Tastes great, with less waste.
  5. Storage
    You’ve been behind a bar. What’s the word we’re looking for? Cramped? Space is at a premium, but our compact container was designed for the fast-paced scene behind the bar. Just 5” tall with a 6” diameter, Lucille’s mix is always on hand but never in the way.

Now you’re in the know. Lucille’s is easy to mix – and with reasons like these, easy to sell to your bar and restaurant customers. Get started with a call to us at 877-582-9769 or email sales@lucillesbloodymarymix.com.