Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix Tasting

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Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix in New Orleans Nippy on Display at March’s Liquor


Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix Tasting Event

April 7, 2018 at March’s Liquor in Stockton, California


On April 7, 2018, Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix held our first mix tasting event at March’s Liquor in Stockton, California. From 11:00am to 1:00pm, customers were treated to a sample of our New Orleans Nippy served with the following garnishes:

  • stuffed jalapeño olives
  • pearl onions
  • fresh lemon
  • fresh lime
  • celery to cool the Nippy flavor


When customers purchased a bottle of Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix from March’s, they were entered into a raffle which included New Amsterdam Vodka sponsored by March’s Liquor, Lucille’s T-shirts, and 1 Liter bottles of Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix New Orleans Nippy. After two hours, we served five gallons of our New Orleans Nippy mix and the store sold over 30 bottles.


With the success of our first event, we are in the process of holding an event once a month. Details will be posted as they come. If you would like to host a tasting event, feel free to email our distributor and mixologist Chris Leos at


*Special thanks to Courtney and Justin Allen for their work at the event and the staff at March’s Liquor, Randy, Meadow, and Jeremy.


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