Podesto’s Market & Deli now features Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix for sale.

Lucille's Bloody Mary Mix is now being sold at Podesto's Meat Department in Stockton  CA.
Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix is now being sold at Podesto’s Meat Department in Stockton CA.

Podesto’s Meat Dept. is one of the best around! The butchers are always so accommodating and go out of their way to get you anything you want. Yesterday as I’m buying Rib Eye Steaks for dinner, I’m telling Harold (the Head Butcher) that Gary & I normally share a one anymore and he says why don’t I score the bone so you can each have some bone. We all know the bone the best part. Want a special stuffed rolled roast, they are there for you. While at Podesto’s Market and Deli don’t forget to buy some Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix in either San Fransisco Mild, New Orleans Nippy, Cajun Hot or one of each to use as a DRY rub on fish, chicken, pork, lamb, beef or add to your favorite tomato juice or Clamato to create a prefect Bloody Mary, spicy tomato juice or Red Beer. Hope you will share your Lucille’s recipes with us.

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