Lucille’s Recipes

Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix makes the perfect Bloody Mary, but she is also a whiz in the kitchen or at the barbecue. Lucille’s Recipes use 100% natural dried herbs, a dash of sea salt, spices and the flavor profiles from Lucille’s will enhance almost any dish – from your time tested appetizers to the main course – on beef, pork, chicken or seafood.
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Over time, through experimenting and some good luck, we have created our own signature recipes we’d like to share. We’d also love to share your favorites, so please let us know how you are cooking with Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix.

Everyone has their go to seasonings and rubs but once you start using Lucille’s San Francisco Mild, New Orleans Nippy and/or Cajun Hot in your recipes you’ll be able to thin out your spice cupboards.  I find more and more that I’m replacing salt and pepper for Lucille’s Bloody Mary Mix in my recipes.

Lucille's Bloody Mary Mix
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Lucille's Bloody Mary Dip
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Roasted Almonds
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Lucille's Spaghetti
Seared Tilapia
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Buffalo Wings
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