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Lucilles New Orleans Nippy
Bloody Mary Mix 1 Liter Bottle

Lucille’s New Orleans Nippy bloody Mary Mix 1 Liter Bottle (33.8 FL OZ). All Natural, No MSG, 0 grams trans fat. Shake & Pour over ice and your choice of liquor, a squeeze of lemon or lime, stir and garnish, Enjoy!

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Resealable Bag
Cajun Hot

Taking a cue from the culture that gave the world Tabasco¬© sauce, Lucille’s Cajun Hot mix cranks the heat way up. Peppery on the palate, Cajun Hot will reliably heat up your Bloody Marys. Capture the signature flavor of Southern Cajun cuisine with Lucille’s in the kitchen and in your barbecue rubs.

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New Orleans Nippy

Mardi Gras meets Delta Blues in our Nippy mix, with intensity and a little sizzle. If you like your Bloody Marys spicy, this is your Lucille’s. And wait until you taste what she does for seafood, stir frys, and pork.

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Resealable Bag
San Francisco Mild

With a taste as cosmopolitan as the “City by the Bay,” our Mild mix makes a crowd-pleasing Bloody Mary. Or try cooking with Lucille’s Frisco style, with a dash of Mild mix in meat dishes, pasta and appetizers.

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Shaker / Mixer

Red Lucille's Shaker / Mixer at this point does not have 4 color logo only back logo.  We are trying to find new vendor to do 4 color.

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